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When in doubt, follow the spark.

When in doubt, follow the spark.

I’m going to be really honest here with you, it was a sleepy start to 2022 for a number of reasons.

I had just finished up an amazing holiday season (thanks to all of you!) and was feeling tired both mentally and physically. The hard push to make as many pillows as possible through October, November, and December left me feeling extremely grateful but also exhausted creatively and in a bit of physical pain in my wrists.

On top of this, we were about to enter into our junior year of a pandemic and the constant uncertainty, the nonstop flight or fight response to it and to everything the last few years had thrown at us, was wearing on me.

So I slowed down… like way down.

I limited the number of custom orders for the year. I adjusted my expectations regarding the number of pillows I’d be making this year- at least over the first few months and I decided I wanted to just have fun creating.

Something funny always happens when I slow down though.

There’s a magic that starts to stir.

It all starts with a spark…

It’s a tiny idea that just keeps showing up- for me it's ALWAYS when I’m trying to fall asleep.

The more I tend to the idea, the bigger it grows and the more it lights me up. Before I know it, I’ve made something that I’m excited (but oh so nervous) to share.

Something new will be coming to the shop next week. Stay tuned for more about this new project of mine.

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