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The Periwinkle Experiment

The Periwinkle Experiment

Are you a trend follower or do you do what you like whether it's in style or not?

I think my answer is… it's complicated

I have a love/hate relationship with them. 

On one hand, I love following color trends and always look forward to seeing the color of the year. I used to flip through all the fashion and home decor magazines and really enjoyed seeing what other people were doing and what was in style at the moment. 

On the other hand, I really don’t like the pressure to be on top of what is trending or better yet, to be ahead of the curve. 

All of these very hot and cold feelings I have about following or not following what’s popular gave me an idea though. I always think it’s fun to see what Pantone chooses for the color of the year but I never intend to go out of my way to work that color into my weavings and pillows. 

But this year, I thought, why not?

Whatever Pantone chooses, even if it’s a color I don’t normally use, I’ll give it a shot. Maybe it would be even better if it wasn’t a color I’m usually drawn towards. 

Enter ‘Very Peri’... The 2022 Pantone Color of the Year.

It was perfect for the experiment. 

It’s a color that I probably wouldn’t have chosen on my own but it’s also one that I don’t dislike. It would push me out of my comfort zone but I’d still get to enjoy what I was weaving.

The first weaving took a little getting used to but by the end, the three periwinkle ‘sister’ pillows were one of my favorite groups I’ve woven so far. 

I still feel on the fence about being ‘on trend’ with things but I think the lesson I learned was that you can always tweak what's popular and make it your own.

*Are you a periwinkle fan? The ‘Sisters Peri’ (my nickname for the three periwinkle pillow covers) will be part of the Spring shop update happening on March 4th at 3:00 pm Pacific.

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