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What size of insert do I need for my pillow cover?

What size of insert do I need for my pillow cover?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions I get around here and I have all the info about insert sizing today.

A common mistake I see people making with pillow inserts is purchasing the incorrect size. Many times I’ll see people use a pillow insert that measures the same size as the pillow cover resulting in a loose fitting cover. 

To achieve a pinterest worthy pillow stack, my number one tip is to size up! Buying an insert that is about 1”-2” larger than the insert size will fill out the pillow cover more than one in the same size.

The suggested insert size is included in the listing for each specific pillow cover in my shop but you can also see my suggested sizes below as well.

Pillow cover size 18”x18” = 20”x20” insert

Pillow cover size 20”x20” = 22”x22” insert

Lumbar cover size appx 11”x23”” = 12”x24” insert

Large Lumbar cover size appx 13”x35” = 14”x36” insert

When in doubt, reach out! I’m here to help and want you to be 100% satisfied with your Yellow Bird pillow. 

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