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One Thoughtful Purchase...

One Thoughtful Purchase...

Something that has become very important to me is being thoughtful with where I spend my hard earned money and what kind of impact my purchases have in the greater scheme of things.

On a surface level, we all buy what we think will improve our life, whether it's making a space look nice or maybe it makes an everyday task easier for us.

But if we take a little more time to think about where & from whom we're purchasing those items, we can have a bigger impact in our community.


When we purchase from makers and artisans,

instead of bigger corporations,

we are investing in a richer life for all involved. 


By choosing to buy something made by hand, you are more than likely supporting multiple small businesses in a single transaction. 

Artists and makers tend to spend their money with other small or local businesses for supplies. They understand the importance of community and from my own experience, may spend a little more on something if it means being able to purchase it from another small business instead of a large box store. 

It creates a system where we support one another and where we feel connected.

So the next time you have the urge to buy a new coffee mug or pillow or whatever new thing tiktok told you to buy… take a minute to think about it before you hit up the big box store for that item. See if you can find someone local, an artist, or a maker that may sell something similar. 

I guarantee it’ll be worth it. 

You get something extra special and you’re supporting a number of people in your community.

What would happen if we all picked just one item from our ‘wish list’ and purchased it through an artist or a maker? What would happen if we made it a habit?

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