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How to decide when you can't decide...

How to decide when you can't decide...

Something I often hear from friends and customers:

“I love your pillows but I have no idea how to choose!”

Does this sound familiar? If so, you’re definitely not alone. 

When you choose home decor, you’re not just picking out a random pillow. You are investing in yourself and your personal sanctuary. You want it to feel comfortable, inviting, and thoughtfully put together, but you also want it to feel like YOU! 

Here’s how the story goes…

You have stuff sitting in your online shopping cart that you love but you haven’t hit the purchase button yet. 

You text a link to your friend or sister or cousin for their opinion.

You overthink for a while and then finally decide to go for it only to find the perfect one has been sold!

So how do you stop overthinking your home decor purchase?

I have a couple ways to help.

First, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does this purchase align with your values? (ex: Are you supporting a local business? Are you supporting an artist?)
  • Will this purchase bring you joy when you walk by it in your space? (ex: Is this pillow in a color that makes you feel happy/calm/energized? Will it remind you of meeting or talking with the artist that made it?)
  • If this specific product (aka Yellow Bird pillow cover!) wasn’t available tomorrow, would you regret not purchasing it? I’ve done this before- I put off purchasing something unique because I was overthinking it. I finally decided a few days later only to discover it was gone! Everything I found after this, I compared to that original thing I should have just bought. TRUST YOURSELF! 

Second, the coin flip- but not the way you might be thinking.

Here’s what you do:

  • Grab a coin. 
  • Heads = just buy the darn thing, Tails = keep looking (or if you’re deciding between two different pillows, each one will have their side of the coin)
  • Toss the coin.
  • While the coin is in the air, pay attention to which side you want it to land on. There’s ALWAYS a side you WANT it to land on. 
  • You’ve made your decision before the coin even landed. 

This trick works with a number of life decisions, big and small. It is an easy and fun way to get a read on what your gut is telling you and what you REALLY want. It takes the over analyzing out of it. 

I hope these suggestions give you the confidence you need to hit the purchase button. I know choosing decor for your home is very personal and can be hard! If you need a little guidance on which pillow or pillows are perfect for you or you have any questions about my handwoven pillows, send me a quick email or dm me on Instagram! I love hearing from you and am here to help you choose the best fit.

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