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When its time to just enjoy the ride...

When its time to just enjoy the ride...

Have you ever set out on a road trip with an idea of what sights you’re going to see, where you’ll overnight, what restaurants you’d like to try… probably, right? You usually pick a destination you’d like to visit, search for the must-see spots, book a place to stay, and then pack up the car or suitcase. You have your map and itinerary, your tours are planned, museums and special exhibits are mapped out so you don’t miss anything. The car is gassed up and ready to go or plane ticket is purchased and you’re checked in. Everything is planned. You are ready for the adventure to begin.

But what makes it so adventurous if everything is mapped out and you know exactly where you’re going?

What happens when you veer off course a little? Do you panic because things haven’t gone as planned or do you relax, roll down the windows, turn up the music, and just enjoy the ride?

 Yellow Bird Textile Co. is my adventure.

At the beginning of the year, when I started planning and working on this business, I had a destination in mind. I had a clear vision of where it would go, what I would be offering my clients, color palettes, and I even had ideas for future collection names. There was an image I wanted to project and a lifestyle and look I wanted to cater towards.

Over the past few months, I’ve been able to take a step back. I took a little time off from social media, from creating new products, from updating my website… I know it sounds a little counterintuitive to take a time out as a new business but I wanted to make sure that the art I am creating and the handmade business I’m promoting is 100% me. As an artist and creator, I only want to put out work that feels authentic to my clients but it also needs to feel authentic when I’m creating it. I realized that I may have been planning my business and basing my design decisions on what I thought would sell and not necessarily on what art and designs I want (or need?!) to put out into the world.

Moving forward, into 2019, Yellow Bird Textile Co. will be full of more thoughtful designs that better reflect my personality and style. You can look forward to seeing much more color, more one of a kind designs, and more options- like pillow covers that can be bought without an insert. Items will be posted more often- no more waiting for a ‘collection’ to launch!

I absolutely love creating things for all of you- I think I would go crazy without this outlet! On a personal level, I’m excited to give myself permission to work from a more intuitive place. I’m such a planner so veering a little off course from the original itinerary will be new for me. I’m not worried about getting to the final destination… for now I’m ready to roll down the windows, turn up my tunes, and I’m going to enjoy the ride.

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