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Lessons from 2021

Lessons from 2021

I’ve been taking a little time to look back over the past year. Here are a few lessons I’ve learned in 2021.

TO BE PROUD: It’s ok to take up space, to be proud of what you’ve accomplished, to be confident in your work and yourself, to know your knowledge, experience, and years of practice have value.  

TO GROW: It’s ok to acknowledge you don’t know everything. It’s not only ok, but necessary as an artist and business owner to continue to learn how to do better. You can’t just ‘leave the light on’ for growth, you have to leave the door wide open.

TO FOLLOW THE SPARK: It’s ok to focus on what lights you up and not what you think people want to see from you. I’ve learned that when I focus on what I REALLY want to make, my work is better and the excitement and joy I feel while making it comes through. 

TO REST: It’s ok to slow down when you start to feel overwhelmed or tired. I’ve learned that slowing down and letting things simmer is part of the process. In the past, slowing down always felt like a creativity slump of some sort but I’ve realized that if I stay quiet long enough, I can feel the artistic wave coming. 

I’m so excited for what’s to come. Stay tuned for more pillows, more color, and more cozy in 2022.

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